Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zellcorp's Server Repack 2.4.3 Arc_Emu794 NCDB R3 Warp, Custom & Morph NPCS

What you will find is this repack....

2 Fully Spawned malls with VIP and GM Vendor

Portals to malls at all start areas

All Weapon Skills Trainers

GM Spell and all professions expert trainer

Money NPC

Morph NPC

Warp NPC

Enchant NPC

Pet Trainer NPC with Level 255 pet cage with spell protected pets

Custom Vendors at GM island Loaded with Custom items

Portals to all Malls at Start Area

All Vendors Spell Protected

Special Boss Spawn Area with respawning Bosses

Spawned Horde Band with Music

Custom Throneroom at gmisland

Custom Zeplin and Boat at GM island


NEW !! Jukebox NPC at Gm Stage

ARC_EMU Rev 794

NCDB REV 3 + Full Vendors

AC Ulitmate Repack Website and Forum

HaKaShi Restarter 3.0

If there is anything wrong let me know and Ill fix it up hard to wrap my mind around it all

Thanks goes to too many people for this release..if you see your work in the repack know that I really thank you alot.

but special thanks goes to.

jargs for the site
faddix for the repacks and DB
howling for getting alot of noobs like me started
HaKaShi for the restarter

Mall entrance

Mall islands

GM Throne Room at GM ISLAND

Pet Helper and petcage

Morph NPC


The round table with BBQ

Band Spawn with music

GM Island

Custom Vendor there are 2

Matrix Box

Enchant NPC

Jukebox Npc

* NEW! Version 1.01 Added new Jukebox Vendor now users can play music you can edit the script if u like its JukeBox_NPC.lua
* Added the Enchant vendor to GM island
* Added a spellfix to the database i think I forgot to add

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Filebeam - Free Fast File Hosting

After you download the file you will have a file called Zellcorp's GM Server Repack 1.01.rar you need to unpack this file with a program called Winrar its a free program google it

C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack should be the directory setup or it wont work copy the AC Web Ultimate Repack folder into C:\

Place your maps in like any other repack and your ready to go if you dont have maps folder get the maps extractor ad.exe and place it in the C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft directory and double click it once its finished copy the maps folder it creates into the C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Arcemu_rev794 folder

First run MySQL.bat in C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Server this loads the database and makes it accessable by the server you can view the database with a program called Navicat its a seperate program for viewing and editing sql databases, you can download a free trial of navicat google it.

Then run Apache.bat to start the webserver once you run that file you can goto your web browser and go and you will see the website/account creation page come up

Now start HaKaShi Restarter 3.0 .exe and it will ask you where the server is locatedt point it to the C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Arcemu_rev794 folder

Now when the restarter come up hit both button bottom first then top and your server will pop up and start loading

Goto your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft directory and find file and open it with notepad by right clicking it then going OPEN WITH

change the first line to set realmlist is the IP address for you local PC its not an external ip like they one your internet provider may give you it a address for testing local servers on your PC

Now you should be able to login to your own server with account admin/admin

Database Only Download - some peple have requested the database on its own here it is with jukebox npc script THIS IS NOT THE FULL SERVER LINKS ABOVE
Mega Upload
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

File Beam
Filebeam - Free Fast File Hosting

This is just the database no logon structure

Coming Soon!
Custom Scripted Quests
Advanced Scripted Morph NPC
and maybe some more cool new stuff


philip_henriksen said...

I have a problem with the repack.
My problem is this, i can`t start MySql i only get ERROR.
i cant remeber the message but its something like this. ERROR...cant find MySql English error.(something) file. Put when i go in to the folders AC Web Ultimate Repack/server/MySql/share.
I find the English Error what can be the problem ?
Please help me so i can start my server to day :D


philip_henriksen said...

why dont anyone answer me ?

i qoute "If there is anything wrong let me know and Ill fix it up hard to wrap my mind around it all" so please help me

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